Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ballad of a Smart Alec Kid

He started out stealing milk bottle change
He'd blackmail a dime if it could be arranged
A daredevil kid with an attitude
And a reputation for being quite rude
He prided himself he could spit twenty feet
Used to spit over the signs walking down main street
Just don't beat him he'd spit at you when beat
It's funny how his parents thought he was so sweet

Smart Alec Kid Smart Alec Kid
Look what you did you Smart Alec Kid
What would your Mamma say
What would your Papa say
If they knew that kid had gone astray

He used to torment and swear at older guys
They'd never hurt him cause they were twice his size
When they let him go there were tears in his eyes
He'd get out of distance and curse and be wise
When it came to money he sure used his wit
Played pool with his brother and the cost they'd split
If he lost the game he would have a fit
When he got kicked out he talked his way out of it

Smart Alec Kid...

He'd always bud in line at the barber shop
He used to love calling his neighbors names
In the wintertime he threw snowballs at cops
The poor kid never knew when to stop
He became famous in the minds of his friends
Cause he had a car and drove it to no end
There was always a fender or something to mend
He stomped on the roof when he blew the engine

Smart Alec Kid...

Every night he'd be gone way past one
Stealing gas and having reckless fun
He told his mamma there was nothing he'd done
When the police came she said "Quit pestering my son"
The police found a charge they thought would stick
They thought reform school would do the trick
He became a model prisoner got out real quick
But ask any inmate they'd call him a...

Smart Alec Kid

Written in Gjøvic Norway, Oct. 1, 1972 (After the Delicate Operation)
©1972 Stefan des Lauriers

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