Monday, November 17, 2008

Winter Wedding

The ice is slippery

Will you take my hand
The rain froze and broke
The telegraph line
Behold a frozen
Forest fairyland
With more icy jewels
Than a diamond mine

Across the snow
Angel's wings
Are spreading
We've waited so long
For a winter wedding

Who can match
The elegance of nature
The snow like lace
Will fall softly down
The frosty windows
Are crystal chandeliers
The evergreens are dressed
In their wedding gowns

Across the snow…

Got to leave this cabin
And this warm wood stove
Got to go hitch up
The horse and the sleigh
Brakeman shovel more coal
In that locomotive
Steam to the station
With my fiancée

Across the snow…

© 1972 Stefan des Lauriers

First chorus:

Here's one my lady
To change your heading

Last chorus:

It's these long winter nights
I've been dreading
Spring is too late
For a Winter Wedding

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