Monday, November 17, 2008

Yesterday's Shirt

I like to tell my fellow earthlings
About that time in space
When I saw in a passing porthole
Something resembling my face…

It was in a parallel universe
On a planet known as “dirt”
A man like me sang a song like this
(Only he wore yesterday’s shirt.)
Me, and the guy who looks like me
Change places now and then
The only way to tell us apart is —
He uses a pencil; I prefer the pen

Momma said “Listen here squirt
Don’t come tracking in dirt
Always wear clean underwear
And try not to lose your shirt”

The other world is behind the times
By just one day or two
I lost a day in getting there
And blew my sneak preview         
I had planned to win the lottery
And left the sphere of dirt
I knew the numbers in advance
And lost my proverbial shirt

Meanwhile a planet just like ours
Was found 60,000 light years away
(But through a wormhole shortcut
You can get there in just a day)
I told my so-called counterpart
To go there and stake a claim
He too lost his shirt in the lottery
In a solar system that has no name.
The moral of this sad story
(Besides a mother always rules) Is:
No shoes No shirt No service

For bare-chested gambling fools!”

© 2012 Stefan des Lauriers 

(November 11)


I come from Canada where the money’s right on the mark
With coins of flashing dinosaur bones glowing in the dark
I’ve also been to Vegas sporting a flash Peter Max Tie
I’d like to take it with me when I go but I just refuse to die
‘Let’s Bottle heaven and call it rain” I was about to seize the day
When “Rise Above The Rain” came to mind
       the preferred L’ esprit de’ escaliers

What color is your Kool Aid? —  Is it red, white or blue?
That stuff is laced with hatred and has a bad affect on you
I only drink spring water that’s from nature and has a twist
Born on the clouds of heaven it comes in a sparkling mist
‘Let’s Bottle heaven and call it rain” I was about to seize the day
When “Rise Above The Rain” came to mind
              the preferred L’ esprit de’ escaliers

So they exhumed a lady who died half a millennium ago
And were surprised to see her reddish hair was still aglow
It is sad but true the royal courtiers were drinking liquid gold
In a vainglorious attempt to prevent them from getting old
Diane de Poitiers — her red hair had a ghastly golden shine —

          she had to be dying to be divine


Mother took me to the movies
When I was still her child
It was at the Roxy Theater
A film called the Ipcress File
An actor slumped in the window
With a bullet through in his head
"Don't tell your dad what you saw"
Was all my mother said

God will not miss Hollywood
When lightning crashes from
            on high
For it is written
            with such big letters
One can read it from the sky

The lure of the silver screen
Can't keep us in the dark
For every imaginary shot fired
There's one that finds its mark
Through the years so many
Have been sprayed at 007
For every bullet that missed
One has sent a kid to heaven
God will not miss Hollywood...
 Have you seen that splashy canvas
The “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”
It’s the one with Elvis and Marilyn
In a diner with James Dean
Well at least they had food to eat
(Quite a greasy slew )
Their Boulevard may be broken
But at least it was an avenue…(2004
God will not miss

 © 2004 S K des  Lauriers

A long row of telephone poles stand in a line
For a while I'll watch their shadow
Make an arc across the prairie.
A thousand sundials when I have no use for time.
So many miles I'll never know.
Like a painting done by Salvador Dali.

Past each horizon
The future is unfurled
I'm standing between
Two vanishing points
On this endless Highway
Of the world.

Cars appear and disappear as they speed past my thumb
I'm standing by a road sign
Where travelers have etched their names
I seldom get impatient since I know my ride will come
There are many names before mine
Many more will do the same.

Past each horizon...

© 1972 Stefan des Lauriers

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