Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tour de Farce

Riding on top of a double decker bus
Through the streets of Toronto
Hired a band just to serenade us
On a whim to wherever we want to
Picnic here at Philosopher's Walk
Passing the six strings around
This musical feast
Will rock and roll
Right up to the top of the town

If your life is blase
Be your own tour guide
Take a double decker bus
On a wild joy ride
Find some old friends
And bring them along
If the upper deck's open
Burst out in song

Turning on Yonge
And we'll head to the tower
To see if the world rotates
There's where we'd meet
With our circle of friends
By the Archer for a skate
The Royal Canadian Yacht Club
That summer job was a breeze
There's Harbourfront
It used to be
The Bohemian Embassy

Fat Albert's in the church basement
That's where I used to play
Brunswick and Bloor
And we get off
By the By the Way Cafe
The window above
The grocery store
Where I typed at a little oak desk
The great Canadian novel
Some day I'll have it published

And here's where the artist
As a young man
Had the so called Incident
With a frying pan
And we hear from the women
In the upper echelon
This tour de farce
Goes on and on

© 1996 Stefan des Lauriers �

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