Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Beyond Our Galaxy & Premature Sonnet & The Cosmo for the Stars

I went
To the tower
And I saw the
Smiling Queen
She was looking
Up at the sky
Standing at the spyglass
In a dress of gold
With her man in black tie

You may think
The stars are brighter
Just beyond our galaxy
I don't know
I've Never been there
'Cept in flights of fantasy

The man
In black tie
And the
Smiling Queen
They were dressed in
Traditional attire
While most people
Turned the spyglass down
Their aspirations
Were higher

"Take a photo
Of that couple
As they're looking
For the star"
"I regret
I left my Camera
On the dashboard
Of the car"

And so the photo
That I meant to take
Was the old world
Looking at the new
But they weren't
Looking at
A modern skyline
They were waiting
For the stars
To shine through

© 1996 Stefan des Lauriers


                     C                    G
Each trip around the sun becomes
             F                    C
A trees’ annular ring
 Am                         Dm
Fingerprints that spiral

  F                                             G
Galcatic beads on a string 
C                         G
Observing Io and Jupiter 
   F                                     C
Learn the speed of light
  Am                          Dm
What secrets of the universe
     F                                    G
Will be revealed this night?
   F               G
I saw a shooting star —
   C                             Am
Above the Redwood Trees
F              G                    C
In the Garden of Galaxies

I've stood at the Acropolis
Amid the marble and stones
And sill feel the symmetry
Deep inside my bones
Leonardo drew a man
 In a circle and square
With no Vitruvian woman
We're only half-way there
An ideal couple is quintessentially
For the Garden of Galaxies

In the time it took to sing this song
The sun sent light to the earth
The photons are about halfway here,
So what's a good soul worth?
Life is more than a cosmic ride
On a carousel through space
The secret of the universe
Is longing to be embraced
It's Okay to hug a tree
But not the Manatees
In the Garden of Galaxies

April 26h 2013 Las Vegas © 2013 Stefan des Lauriers


 I was lying in bed and just couldn’t sleep
 Counting rhyming footsteps instead of sheep
 Nascent iambic pentameter makes me unwind
 So the thought of navel gazing came to mind
To aim my telescope into a black hole
 Is a diamond in the end not a pure white coal?
 Ask any Angel or an open book with a spine
 Are we not created after an image divine?

 The next logical thing that may come to us
 Is there not a halo in the original Omphalos?
There are stars and then there are stars untold
To look them in the eye’s not being too bold
Then it struck me as being unequivocally odd

I had dared contemplating the very soul of God


Stepping out the door one morn I looked towards the east
And saw light that had not yet graced the earth illuminating geese
Was this not a sign of higher things that wonders never cease?
Then I thought, “The least I can do is rise with the geese”
Some people don’t know what a blessing they are
They just can’t see the Cosmos for the Stars

Stepping down the steps I looked towards the south
And the most whimsical yawn escaped from my mouth
Must we wait for heaven’s nod to harmonize?
Is a tree not bound by gravity and can only grow so high?
Some people don’t know what a blessing they are
They just can’t see the Cosmos for the stars

I looked towards the North Star for just a little spell
There must be a reason my love and I fit together well
Life is more than a roller coaster ride through space
I look forward to the mountains and swear I see God's face
Some people don’t know what a blessing they are
They just can’t see the Cosmos for the Stars

And what about the west have you forgotten you are blessed?
I thought of it the other day but had to take a rest
Mountains fading in the distance being transparent on the fly
I'll train a flock of cranes to spell my name across the sky
Some people don’t know what a blessing they are
They just can’t see the Cosmos for the Stars

 Jan 31  © 2013 Stefan des Lauriers

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