Monday, November 17, 2008

Dying Cow Blues / Leading Man Gets Lost / God Will Not Miss Hollywood

An experimental instrumental where the artist plays four kazoos at once, invoking the pathetic sound of bovine demise. There are no lyrics to this song. When performing in public the artist would writhe around on the floor in mock agony. Sadly, the four kazoos were meant to conjure the image of udders.

No farm animals were harmed in the making of this song.


When I was just four years old I went to the movies for some fun
And saw a nun murdered by the burst of a nazi machine gun
A stray bullet hit the sister through a barricaded chapel door
It wasn’t a good thing — I could never be entertained by war

God will not miss Hollywood  —When lightning crashes from on high
For it is written with such big letters One can't miss it from the sky

Mother took me to a Spy Thriller when I was still a child
It was at the Roxy Theater— a film called the Ipcress File
An actor slumped in the driver’s seat — a bullet in his head
"Don't tell your father what you saw,” was all my mother said

The lure of the silver screen will never keep me in the dark
For every imaginary bullet shot there's one that finds its mark
Through the years a countless number has been sprayed at double oh seven
For every bullet that missed there’s one that has sent a kid to heaven
LEADING MAN GETS LOST                                                                

Clouds roll in the scene begins with a sleepy lion’s roar
Our spotlight finds a clown up to nothing and nothing more
Rushes of the moon lit waves Rewrites — the lines of shore
Clown had never been so close to being this close before

He played the part a time or two the clown who missed his rendezvous
But there is nothing up his sleeve and love becomes what you believe

Starlet searching mad as hell raging storm soaks her dress
She finds him on the carousel with his white face all a mess
And the shadow on his cheeks breaks through the masquerade
"I see your face is all in streaks were you on an escapade"

He played the part a time or two…

I can see it in all the papers "Leading man gets lost"
But then isn't all publicity Cheap at any cost

Silver teardrop turns to a shower words are whispered in her hair
Close up squirting flower He proves he still cares
The matinee's getting restless they've been through this before

Credits fall through their bright lights are out the door

Carousel Wind

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