Tuesday, November 18, 2008


When death comes for you
It's hard to make him leave
You have to have a plan
And an ace up your sleeve
Play him a game or two
Keep your poker face
You can even shake his hand
But avoid his cold embrace

Cause you can cheat on Death
And live with a tale to tell
But if you cheat on love you're gonna die
An endless death in living hell

Death is dressed in black
Straight from a Bergman flick
Sit him down for chess
And take him out with tricks
Glance above his shoulder
To some phantom unseen
And when he isn't looking
You take away his Queen

Cause you can cheat on Death...

Death hates Love
When the love has no end
That's why death
Has false love for a friend
Still, Death needs love
Like a door needs a knob
For if there were no love
Death would be without a job

You can't escape from Death
He lets you cheat on him
Cause there may come a time
He will have you cheat again
Death has false Love breathing
Down your neck so cold
With True Love as your trump card
Disgusted Death will fold

Cause you can cheat on Death...

© 1997 Stefan des Lauriers

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