Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fill the World With Song

It's my song
And I'm gonna sing it
You know it
Just occurred to me
That it's my life
And I'm gonna live it
So you better
Just let me be

Forget the words
I'll just wing it
It's my song
And I'm gonna sing it
Cause I've been silent
For far too long
Now I'm gonna
Fill the world with song

It's my ship and
I'm gonna sail it
I don't rely
Upon the stars
I'll grab
The tail of a comet
And jot it
Down in my memoirs

Too many clowns
On the bandwagon
Don't know how to
Keep a beat
Just don't let them
Throw you off
Cause It's nasty
On the street

It's my tale
And I'm gonna tell it
There's nothing
I'd rather do
Cause I make
Out of nothing
No one has seen
My point of view

©1997 Stefan des Lauriers

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