Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Soliloquy of a Worm in a Candy Apple

Sometimes I feel like a worm inside
A candy apple at a county fair
With one bite gone and tossed aside
In a world that's going nowhere
I'm quite a voracious guy
Deep in the candy apple of my eye

A rosy window lets in the dawn
Like a finger moving down the sky
Lonely now the fair is gone
Is that a worm out there I spy
O to curl up and die
Deep in the candy apple of my eye

My little world is safe inside
It won't get bruised to the core
Should I leave this ivory tunnel
Or stay inside and just be a bore

Worm out there sort of hanging out
Is love gonna be just the end of me
In a world consumed with doubt
I'm not half the worm I used to be
The world out there is worth a try
So I leave the candy apple of my eye

© 1996 Stefan des Lauriers

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One day Wilbur the worm crawled up an apple tree and curled up inside a blossom. In time the blossom became an apple and ripened. A farmer picked it and sent it off to market. The Candy Apple Man bought a barrel of apples; took them to the fair and made bunch of bright red candy apples. He overlooked the one with Wilbur in it.

A little boy went to the fair with his mother, who bought him a candy apple. As they walked down the midway he bit into the hard red candy coating. It was too sweet. He was lucky he didn't bite the side with the worm. The boy held onto the apple for a while, then tossed it behind a tree when no one was looking.

A few days passed and the fair left town. Wilbur feasted on the delicious apple...and munched out a big space up to the red candy coating, which became a big picture window. It was a very rosy window.

Eventually the back half of Wilbur wriggled its way out of the hole in the candy coating and swung around in front of the rosy window. Seeing his own tail in front of the rosy window, without realizing it was himself, Wilbur thought, "This must be the most beautiful worm in the world"

 Wilbur fell madly in love...but felt 'she' was just too beautiful for him, and never sang any of the songs he had written for her. He kept his love a secret.

Wilbur was so infatuated he stopped eating. Soon Wilbur became weak and tired. The worm outside became weak and tired too, and stopped wriggling. At last, Wilbur lost interest in 'her' and started munching again.

Soon all that remained was the red candy shell. It was then that Wilbur realized he had made a silly mistake. He crawled out into the real world embarrassed and bright red. Wilbur decided that when the right worm happened by he wouldn't sit around writing poetry. He would do something about it..

© 1996 Stefan des Lauriers

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