Monday, November 17, 2008

The Tree and the Wind

"A forest of people

Swayed 'round in a dance,"
"And some were inclined to romance."
"Mine was the wind
Dancing 'round an oak tree —
So strong And so free."
"The tree is free
'Cause its stable and sound,
To be stable I must be able
Able to move around."

"But other winds
Sometimes will make you sway."
"It's only with you I would stay..."
"I want you too
And for that you must go
That is the reason
The wind doesn't blow."
"The wind's not free
Cause it's unsound"
"You are free
'Cause you are bound."

"Well I have my roots
But my leaves must soon go..."
"They can't if the wind doesn't blow
They just get wrinkled
And fall to the ground."
"The tree must stand"
"And the wind must blow"
"I cannot stay"
"And you cannot go."

© 1972 Stefan des Lauriers

"I was in Greece and had been singing The Tree in The Wind at every stop of the way. Finally at a little cafe in Greece some one said that they had heard me singing the song in Vienna. I ordered a Greek Tomato Salad. I had expected something exotic, but when it arrived at my table I was dismayed to see that all that it was a tomato that had been cut in quarters. I looked at it with a very sad face and said, "At least now I know how to make Greek Tomato Salad."

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