Monday, November 17, 2008

God's Majestic Crown

We've come to God's creation

And are gathered in a ring
With hope for nations near and far
To hear the song we sing
As we join hands in a circle
Let the majesty unfold
God's children all together now
Create a crown of gold

Let's all join hands and sing
God's Children in a ring
Let our spirits shine
Like heavenly jewels
In God's Majestic Crown

True love endures like starlight
Two thousand years ago
The light sent from a passing star
Will still appear to glow
A giving heart is sunshine
Reaching out to everyone
Let's bring those halos down to earth
From 'round the moon and sun

Let's all join hands and sing…

Let’s lift our hands to heaven
Past the evening's golden skies
As one by one the stars appear
And hope is on the rise
For every soul that joins us
Returning to the fold
There will be another star of love
To grace the crown of gold

Let's all join hands and sing…

© 2003 Stefan des Lauriers (Music by Dave Eaton)


Once upon a time, in a Tiny Mountain Kingdom, a wandering minstrel made his way to a village where children were learning the Secrets of the Universe. The minstrel had traveled through many forests finding people he had hurt along the way, and was seeking their forgiveness.

One of the people the minstrel made amends to was his Sunday school teacher, Miss Carol, who was now teaching some children about the nature of God; and how God had longed for all people to return to him through the ages. She suggested that the minstrel teach them one of his songs so they could perform it at the talent show.

The song the minstrel chose was God’s Majestic Crown. “When children gather on a hilltop in a circle holding hands they make a crown,” the minstrel said. “So we will practice singing the song and choreographing it. You each be a star of love.”

Standing in front of a blackboard in a cabin beside the blueberry bushes the minstrel strummed his guitar: “We've come to God's creation and are gathered in a ring,” he sang. “This is what we do. We come to this beautiful forest to share and sing. Do you know what, “With hope for nations near and far to hear the song we sing,” means?”

“It means we have to sing real loud, so that the people beyond the valley can hear it,” one child said.

“That’s right,” the minstrel said, “As we join hands in a circle let the majesty unfold, God's children all together now create a crown of gold.”

And then we sing the chorus: “Let's all join hands and sing God's Children in a ring — Let our spirits shine like heavenly jewels — In God's Majestic Crown.” The children sang together and made sweet harmony. “The important thing is that you must make your spirits shine. How do you make your spirits shine?”

“By doing good deeds,” one child said.

“Yes,” Miss Carol said. You remember what I taught you about spiritual growth. Your spiritual self gets life elements and love and truth from God, and your physical self gets air and sunlight, and food and water. You get Vitality Elements from acts of love and truth.”

“You grow by living for others,” another child said.

“Now we will learn something really cosmic;” the minstrel declared, “about how we can look at a starry sky and see the universe as it appeared throughout the past. Do you know why?”

“Because the stars are so far away, the light that reaches us now was sent out thousands of years ago and is just reaching us now. So I compare the truth that Jesus brought to the world two thousand years ago to the light of a passing star. Although the star “died” it still appears to glow, just like the truth that Jesus brought is still influencing the world. God is always thinking of generations far into the future.

“True love endures like starlight two thousand years ago — The light sent from a passing star will still appear to glow.”

“The next part is ‘Doing on earth as in heaven:’ A giving heart is sunshine reaching out to everyone, let's bring those halos down to earth from 'round the moon and sun.”

“The final verse is when we’re in a circle in the evening and lift our hands in praise. “Let’s lift our hands to heaven past the eveningd golden skies as one by one the stars appear and hope is on the rise.”

The children gathered in a circle and lifted their hands making the points of a crown.

“The next part is about God wanting all His children to be in one family under God:”

“For every soul that joins us, or each new hand we hold there will be another star of love to grace the crown of gold”

“The last line has two meanings,” The minstrel concluded. It is not only that God will reward you with a “star” when you bring a lost sheep to the fold, but it is the promise of the second coming.” 


When I look at the stars that shine through the night
And think of the light that comes from afar
If a star were to die would we ever know
If the light of that star continued to glow

There is one star that shines with greatness
It was the sun that shone
The others only shine in darkness
Just when the sun is gone

When I look up to the heavens so vast
As light emanates from points of the past
If a star could be born would we know of its birth
If its light has yet to reach us here on earth?

We are all stars shining with greatness
When we look to the heavens and pray
The light a star sent out long ago
Is still reaching us every night and day

Look at the stars arrayed through infinity
As God told Abraham, "So your offspring shall be..."
God bless every child may his light be with you
Bless the Muslim the Christian and Jew

What can a star tell the other stars?
Don’t you know that you are a son?
How could wee have gotten so far
And not realize we are all one

© 2003 Stefan des Lauriers

May you walk softly on this good Earth
Reflecting God’s Love wherever you go
The moon shines through this Tree of Life
To light your footsteps upon the snow
I envision you upon the garden path
As even Eden’s most heavenly bride
With a countenance fair as all creation
And wondrous enchantments inside

Hallelujah! We’re One True Family
Living in love eternally
With the Blessing of Pure Life

May your tears touch this good earth
Regenerating life in deep bone marrow
I could love you for your virtue alone
Yet you are humble as a sparrow
The principalities in me stand prepared
Love embraces the furthest strands
I will trust in you as in truth itself
Heaven has placed this soul in good hands

Let the dance be forever with heavenly grace
And as far as the majestic crane flies
May you always radiate a motherly love
With a healthy glow in your eyes
As we attend True Parents faithfully
The dream of one family nears
Through eternity I will serenade you
With songs full of grateful tears

Feb 1983 Stefan des Lauriers

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