Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yodeling Frog

Once upon
A wondrous time
When all good frogs
Were blessed
With wit in rhymes
Lived one frog
That I dare say
Was bound to yodel
At every hop
Of the way

And so this frog
Was slimbed
For yodeling
All the time
His perseverance
Was sublime

Indeed this most
Uncommon craft
Attracted jokes
And caused
The warty toads to laugh
The scales
He practiced everyday
Were known to scare
The precious fish away

Jealous frogs
Would stop and stare
As he drove by
In his Corvair

At a lofty altitude
This fearless one
A multitude
Is this applause
For an encore
Or just some jeers
That could drown
An avalanches' roar

Now he sticks
To catching flies
And sings sometimes
Sweet lullabies

Tale ends
With some polliwogs
Who were born
To Mrs. and Mr. Frog
They studied with
An opera queen
And sound real good
Despite the fact
They are all so green

© 1998 Stefan des Lauriers�

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