Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Talking Harmonica Blues

My daddy left home before I'se conceived
If this long winded tale is to be believed
And all he left for dear old mother and me
Was this rusty harmonica in the key of C

Well this heirloom came with a bit of advice
Which I relate to you though it ain't so nice
It concerns every breath you have to pull
“Don't play the harp when your mouth is full”

Well advice is much easier to give than take
As I learned on a harp filled with petrified cake
So if I ever have offspring and slither away
I won't leave them a dusty old harp to play

Cause I played the harp before I could walk
And became so skilled I could make it talk
Now I can walk and talk and chew gum too
And if you ever inherit a harp you should SUE

© 2004 Stefan des Lauriers

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