Wednesday, November 19, 2008

When the Silver Whistle Blows

The crap game is endless
We're on the home run
This train's on a trestle
The trip's just begun
From the first engine
To the caboose
I'm like a cannon
On the loose
Cause I'm just an old clown
On life's circus train
Longing for the whistle to blow
To be on sawdust again
With the elephants all in a row
When the silver whistle blows

Into life's Grand Ballroom
I waltzed from the street
Tattered clown and a broom
Swept them off their feet
In London royalty
Rolled on the floor
But the laughter of children
That's what I live for
From the man on trapeze
To the web-sitter below
It's all the same you know
For us troopers on the go
The dice ain't ours to throw
When the silver whistle blows

I've got my own stateroom
That's a coup for a clown
With pictures of farms
Like in my home town
Country folk fit in the regime
They know it's no picnic
And can hang onto a dream

I recall in clown alley
My nose almost melt
I ran with my bucket
'A fire' someone yelled
Through all the confusion
And painful screams
A doll in the ashes
Was the worst thing I've seen
'The dice may be loaded
The deck may be stacked
But for hope
I've never lacked'
It's there in my heart
And God only knows
When the silver whistle blows

The Greatest Show
That's the world's spotlight
In a make-up mirror
I recall my first night
I winked there to Willy
He had this to say
'You can skip cherry pie
You're no First of May'
I tip my Dollar Derby
To everyone on this train
They'll stream through the gates
Come that final refrain
They'll be there on their toes
When the silver whistle blows

Through wintertime
I'll be painting the wagons
Putting gold leaf
On the old calliope
You'll never see
These ragged shoes a dragin'
Cause I can't stand
To be at liberty

Now I'm on the caboose
Looking all the way back
To that kid from Kansas
From a railway shack
For my last curtain call
With a roll of the drum
I'll remove my sad face
And embrace my dear mom
Life down here
Is a dog and pony show
Compared to that 'big lot'
Where all good Joeys go
Save some straw in the first row
When the silver whistle blows

© 1996 Stefan des Lauriers

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