Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Walking on Air


Skywriting: It says 'I'm wild about you'
 and I'm doing loop-de-loops
A human cannon ball sails right on through 
the 'O' of a burning hoop
The tattooed man is running out of space — 
he's really looking blue
But what I feel is written right across my face 
and he's got nothing on you

I don't need a safety net
'cause I've already fallen for you
I feel like waltzing with the dancing bear
And I don't need a tightrope 
'cause you've got me — Waltzing On Air

Daredevil he stands on the wings of a plane
 with one hand waving free
My head peaks through the stratosphere 
as I approach Zero-G
The tall-man's legs are pretty straight and true 
but he can't make it far
If I were as big as my love for you 
I'd go tripping from star to star

In the circus of life the attractions
 are all death defying
So hold unto your whip and your chair
'Cause sooner or later you'll be in the ring with a lion
Wishing you were walking on Air

Masochist Magician saws himself in half
And has half a mind to think
Strongman busts the chains around his chest 
with just a little wink
In the blink of an eye you can get a chain reaction 
Just by splitting an Atom in two
But that’s nothing compared to my death-defying 
show of attraction for you

©1997 Stefan des Lauriers

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