Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Broken Mirror

Before there were clones 
An old poet moaned
"Only God can make a tree"
Now men in white suits
Think it might be cute
To fashion a duplicate me
But my spirit's divine as I often opine
In songs even angels can't sing
Until man made clones
Come to learn on their own
"Only God can make a king"
It's like looking at a broken mirror
Standing in the window of a soul
Some see stars when they get nearer
Others just see the black holes

When a king can't tell
How an evil spell
Put a crow inside his crown
Find the cause of the curse
And try to reverse
All the troubles handed on down
If the peace train derails
And chaos prevails
You can look at all the angles
And dig through the ash
For the cause of the crash
In a tangled wreck of rectangles

It's like looking at a broken mirror...

It was by the old school
The gypsies took us for fools
Swindling kids with a cheap telescope
Charging one skinny dime
To see something sublime
"The star that gives everyone hope"
Well the star at the end
Was drawn on the lens
Local cops have to be thanked
They drove them away
Some recall to this day
The tiger tail stuffed in their tank

It's like looking at a broken mirror...

In a maze of mirrors opponents may seem nearer
than what they appear to be
Just step on the gas and it too shall pass
 If you happen to break dance like Bruce Lee
In Enter the Dragon his chops werent laggin’ 
Tigers Eye is a delicacy in old Shanghai
Is that any more gross than —
 "Only some one close to you 
can spit in your eye"
It's like looking at a broken mirror...

So I leave this place
For outer space
Where the Great Wall can be defined
On Mother Earth's face
It leaves a trace
Of a twisted aging line
She can crack a smile
That goes on for miles
And swallow you like a whale
For what it's worth I rate Mother Earth
As a Seven on Richter Scale

© 2004 Stefan des Lauriers

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