Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Favorite Pony and Dinosours Demise

Imagine a merry-go-round
In a Kingdom of Fantasy
With ponies of exotic hues
The favorite being Burgundy
One pony was left unpainted
She had a fine white grain
Other ponies laughed and said
Imagination was too plain

You may be the Favorite Pony
On the merry-go-round
But I need a love
With feet on solid ground
True love has no limits
Imagination runs
When you reach for the golden ring
In the halo ‘round the sun

The children all loved Burgundy
They would rush to her side
Yellow, Orange and Navy Blue
Were the runners up for rides
In time the favorite ponies
Suffered from wear and tear
But not Imagination
The pure unpainted mare

You may be the favorite pony…

At last, a Royal Entourage
Took the young Prince to the fair
And when he saw
        the merry-go-round
He ran to the shining mare
Imagination was chosen
She kept her heart so pure
Through countless generations
Her legend will endure

You may be…

© 1997 Stefan des Lauriers


Life is just a cosmic ride
On a Carousel through space
With planets in a pirouette
Making up the galaxies face
Sometimes you wear a smile
Sometimes it’s a frown
Always reaching for that golden ring
Through your ups and downs

A sad-eyed clown
With his white face like the moon’s
Is standing by the carousel
With some imaginary balloons
See the girl with chestnut hair
Will he try to make her day?
And sweep her off her feet
With an imaginary bouquet

Then just beyond your reach
There’s that golden halo prize
Well isn’t one man’s sunset
Just another man’s sunrise
Being dizzy as a pinwheel
With all its ups and downs
Imagine seeing a love that’s real
Smiling through a painted frown


Wasn’t there a carousel here just the other day
And a mime with a squirting invisible bouquet 
He could always get a laugh with a shell up to his ear
By the spin of a frowning grin he just disappeared

Still the moon reins in the ocean
And washes shells to the shore
It’s a grand cliche  — an illusion
Nothing less and nothing more

He had the girls waiting in line — laughing at his antics
On the other side here I am feeling quiet pedantic
Like that carousel by the shore — got taken for a ride
A mighty a hurricane that came in with the high tide

Still the moon reins in the ocean…

I can see a shipwrecked carousel in a cosmic dream
With the mime shadow dancing inside a sole moonbeam 
I recall invisible bouquets — how my poor hear aches
As if there were prancing ponies in each wave that breaks

April 23 © 2015 Stefan des Lauriers


Wasn’t there a carousel
Here just the other day?
And a joker who captivates
You with invisible bouquets
He could always make you laugh
Holding an empty shell to his ear
But with a spin of his golden grin
He just up and disappeared
Why does love
        tug at your heart strings
With a balloon just out of your reach
Or that carousel with golden rings
In my childhood — lost on the beach

You may feel just like a clown
Your face fading in the rain  
When your good times disappear
And then come round again
That’s how a painted pony feels
When her colors chip and fade
Just give me one faithful friend
And let it rain on my parade
Why does love tug at your soul
And stir up the waves so high
You might as well ask a hurricane
If carousels can take to the sky

Imagine there’s carousel
On the shores of a cosmic dream
And a clown shadow dancing
In the circle of a moonbeam
The waves pound out a pantomime
Of a heart that’s beating free
When love’s an endless carousel
In the prancing waves of the sea
Why does the moon tug the ocean?
And wash up the shells on the shore
It’s a grand clichĂ©, an illusion
Nothing less and nothing more


Long ago, in a Kingdom of Fantasy, there was a merry-go-round just beyond a castle that overlooked the clouds. Kids would line up to ride Burgundy,
the deep red pony.

The ponies were all painted exotic colors—all, that is, except for Imagination. Even though Imagination was carved out of a fine white wood, kids still avoided her.

At night when the moon shone upon the ponies they seemed to come to life. "My paint has rubbed off from so many kids riding me," they'd say, as if their patches of chipped paint were badges of honor.
This bothered Imagination, but she wasn't going to feel sorry for herself. She was kind to the other ponies — but they were only concerned with their own popularity. "Being popular is not so important," Imagination thought. "Maybe I'm destined for some one special.”
Then one night something mysterious appeared in the sky. It was a halo that surrounded the moon. Imagination looked up wistfully: "I wish a prince would come here and choose to ride on me.

Time passed and the Royal Entourage came to the carnival and stopped at the merry-go-round. Sure enough, the young Prince ran to Imagination and jumped on the saddle.
It was no wonder the heir to the throne picked the unpainted pony. Imagination looked clean and bright compared to the other ponies — with their chipped paint and discarded gum stuck in their manes.

The young Prince was delighted to ride Imagination and stayed for another turn when the music stopped. The painted ponies were shocked that the Prince hadn’t chosen any of them.

Word spread throughout the Kingdom that the Prince had ridden the plain
white pony and not the painted ones. Imagination wasn’t in line to be the favorite pony —She was destined to become a treasured heirloom in the Royal Palace.

©1997 Stefan des Lauriers

The red dinosaur ate too much traffic jam
Between his teeth garbage trucks were crammed
His stinky smile was last seen down by the villa
Before he left for Tokyo to stand in for Godzilla

And any child is surely bound to know
Why the dinosaurs — they all had to go

The orange dinosaur he skated on thin ice
That the ice was glacial says something of his size
His eyes popped out going over the waterfalls
He left behind a pair of petrified bowling balls

The yellow dinosaur sailed 'The unsinkable'
With a Thin King thinking thoughts quite unthinkable
The ship drew some water after ramming an ice cube
It's not a pretty picture to see a dynasty subdued

On the rebound from a bungee jump mishap
The green dinosaur was ejected off the map
Snagging the North Pole something snapped
And in himself he was ultimately wrapped   

The blue dinosaur was always on the rise
But eating up a comet led to his demise
He was a real blast belching natural gases
And ended up being a fuel for the masses

The indigo monster may have survived the flood
She was a giant mamal that had warm blood
She was indignant for being left off this list
Which affirms the fact that her progeny persists

The purple dinosaur went up the volcano
Out came the lava and scorched his scaly toe
Up to the top to better see the stars
The volcano erupted and sent him off to Mars

©1997 Stefan des Lauriers


It’s My Last Night in London
And the lights are looking like jewels on the Thames
My Last Night in London
Tomorrow’s my last chance to be shopping for friends

Shopping for Souvenirs in London
Camden market is a good place to start
An ‘I Love London’ t-shirt for my brother
With the ‘Love’ in the shape of a heart

It’s My Last Night in London…

A die cast double-decker toy bus for Michael
A Liberty print apron for Gay would be neat
A Big Ben set of playing cards for my parents
Because that’s where they used to meet

It’s My Last Night in London…

Some Union Jack Cufflinks for Tony
Because they are so cheap and gaudy
And a Queen Mother Silver plated spoon
For mother to stir her afternoon tea

© 2011 Stefan des Lauriers

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