Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Toddling Astronaut

My Radio Flyer— It is bright Red
It's orbiting my bungalow
The big dogs can't lick my face
Cause I wear a goldfish bowl

I'm a toddling astronaut
In outer space
And I sure miss
The human race

My diapers on number two
Think I need a change of pace
I wonder what real spacemen do
If they have to go in space

Through asteroid rocks again
Take this helmet off my head
Think I need some Oxygen
Hope the fish aren't getting dead

Somebody call my flight engineer
This goldfish bowl is really stuck
Oh good my mommy's here
With the sirens and a fire truck

I've learned my lesson well
Don't put plastic on your face
And concerning
Those homemade spacesuits
Well just don't trust them
In outer space

© 1996 Stefan des Lauriers

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