Monday, November 17, 2008

Magic Telescope


I once learned a secret that made me stand up tall
To hang on with my life to the brightest star of all
So I made myself a spyglass — a star drawn on the lens
Out of three concentric tubes fitted end to end
It had a magic power when used at dawn or dusk
When sunshine is golden upon an elephant’s tusk
A magical telescope the star that gives one hope.

People seem more friendly lit by the setting sun
And through a golden lens skin tones become as one
Standing in the sunset — red yellow black and white
All races turn to gold as they face the amber light
Mother said I was “golden” when I was four or five
Aren’t kids who feel loved a lot more apt to thrive
A magical telescope the star that gives one hope.

You can see a world of faults and be on the attack
Or mend a cup with gold and marvel at the crack
Do the world some good tell each daughter and son
To find the heart of gold — it’s there in everyone
How you view the world fills your cup to the brim
Drink from a cup of darkness see light on the rim

A magical telescope the star that gives one hope.

Nov 27 2014 © Stefan des Lauriers

It so happened in the mid-Sixties when "Esso" was having the "Put a Tiger in your Tank" campaign and would stuff a tiger tail in your gas-cap when you pulled in for a fill up. It was also around the time when my good buddy was a budding kleptomaniac. He would swipe the Tiger Tails from parked cars only to surreptitiously insert them into the gas caps of unsuspecting Police cars.

I was in Grade seven at the old limestone School house on Bruce Street and was witness to one of the most unusual spectacles in Acorn's history. Mystical Drifters in a wagon drawn by a white horse had stopped in front the school and were enticing children to look into their "Magic Telescope."

"Magic Telescope, Magic Telescope, see the star that gives everyone hope," the man with the handlebar moustache barked, "Only one nickel." I thought it must be magic to see a star in a bright blue sky, so I lined up to take a look with my measly nickel in my hand. When it came my turn I paid the Mystical Drifter woman and was handed the Magic telescope. I should have known better because everyone who looked at it was frowning in disgust.

When I looked into the telescope I was in for a shock. It was just a cheap cardboard telescope with the outline of a star drawn on the far lens. "You cheated me," I protested, "This is just a star drawn on the lens!"

"You are looking through a star", the Mystical Drifter woman said. "Did you ever dream that you would be able to see through a star?"

I was just about to ask for my money back when a police car pulled up with a tiger tail in its gas cap. The Mystical Drifters jumped into the wagon and raced off the school property. I don’t know if was the police car itself or the fact that there was a "Tiger in the Tank" that terrified the Mystical Drifters into bolting away.

To this day I let people look into the "Magic Telescope" for free and it has never failed to put a smile on their faces.

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© 2006 S K des Lauriers


I was looking at the world
With a magic telescope
Through a golden lens
There was so much hope
Everything that I surveyed
Was much larger than life
I saw a sword
That was just a carving knife
My golden heart had been refined
By a love so high and pure
Like a golden fish
In a muddy stream
Destined to endure

People look like friends
When lit by the setting sun
Through a golden lens
Skin tones blend into one
The Golden Gate at Sunset
Red yellow black and white
All races turn to gold
Facing the amber light
It’s like looking in a broken mirror
Staring in the window of a soul
Some see stars when they get nearer
Others just see black holes

So I looked in the other end
To see what I could see
And all I saw a giant eye
Looking back at me
Everything was small
Except for that giant “I”
Is that how God sees us
Looking down from the sky
Telescopes should be trained on Mars
Not on this world we inhabit
That ‘black hole beyond the stars’
Might just be home to a rabbit

June 15, 2013 © Stefan des Lauriers

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