Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Leading Man Gets Lost/A Few More Stars

Clouds roll in the scene begins
With a sleepy lion's roar
Our spotlight finds a clown
Up to nothing and nothing more
Rushes of the moon lit waves
Rewriting the lines of shore
Clown had never been so close
To being this close before

He played the part
A time or two
The clown who missed
His rendezvous
But there is nothing
Up his sleeve
And love becomes
What you believe

Starlet searching mad as hell
Raging storm soaks her dress
She finds him on the carousel
With his white face all a mess
And the shadow on his cheeks
Breaks through the masquerade
"I see your face is all in streaks
Were you on an escapade"

I can see it in all the papers
"Leading man gets lost"
But then isn't all publicity
Cheap at any cost

Silver teardrop turns to a shower
Words are whispered in her hair
Close up of his squirting flower
He gives it to her
And proves that he still cares
The matinee's getting restless
They've been through this before
Credits fall through their embrace
Bright lights are out the door

© 1997 Stefan des Lauriers


I used to think that fame and fortune
Would bring a love that lasts
I imagined myself an impressionist
Painting pretty pictures of my past
I was one ray shy of sunshine
Dreaming of golden curtain calls
It wasn’t till found my own true love
That I shone like a star at all

So lets sing few love songs
Before being called from afar
We dreamed the same dream all along
Heaven could use a few more stars

To all my friends who left their names
On the walls of the old cafe
I’d like to be like a haunting refrain
To return to you someday
But I fear that friendship is over
I would have liked to see it through
Well isn’t it just like an old mirror
To give the wrong image of you

So lets sing few love songs…

Well I’ve sung my songs in empty halls
I’ve sung for a full house too
But I‘d never really sung at all
Till I sang with a love that’s true
Now there’s singing in the gentle rain
Giving depth to an empty street
And in the reflection of heaven on earth
I can see where our destinies meet

So lets sing few love songs…

© 1983 Stefan des Lauriers
ut pictura poesis (as is painting, so is poetry)—
Horace (in Ars Poetica, 18BC)


Mother took me to the movies
When I was still her child
It was at the Roxy Theater
A film called the Ipcress File
An actor slumped in the window
With a bullet through in his head
"Don't tell your dad what you saw"
Was all my mother said

God will not miss Hollywood
When lightning crashes from on high
For it is written with such big letters
It is legible from the sky

The lure of the silver screen
Can't keep us in the dark
For every imaginary shot fired
There's one that finds its mark
Through the years so many
Have been sprayed at 007
For every bullet that missed
One has sent a kid to heaven

God will not miss Hollywood...

Have you seen that splashy canvas
Called the “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”
It’s the one with Elvis and Marrilyn
In a diner with James Dean
Well at least they had food to eat
(Though greasy through and through)
Their Boulevard may be broken
But at least it was an avenue

God will not miss Hollywood...

© 2004 Stefan des Lauriers


The train was in the station
As the Bohemian Ambassador
Said, “My name’s Eternity
Nothing less ‘n nothing more
Let me read your fortune”
Train jerked I nodded, “yes”
With a red star on the engine
Black stars upon her dress

On the other side of the curtain
I was awakened from a dream
Between the dogs and wolves
— In the twilight of steam

The first card had a full moon
With a dog and wolf below,
“Your heading soon
will change”
I responded “Is that so”
Vague notions like smoke
Drifted along with the train,
“It will happen very soon
You’ll be left out in the rain”

On the other side of the curtain...

The Conductor started shouting,
“You went beyond your stop
You better pay the difference
Or I’ll have to call the cops”
I joined a line of passengers
All dressed in glistening black
As we crossed the overpass
To the other side of the track

On the other side of the curtain...

In the warmth of the waiting car
I was feeling quite relieved
Until another ambassador
Drew something
from her sleeve
And it was with an eiry flourish
That this lady had the urge
To play upon her harmonica
— A melancholy dirge

© 1997 Stefan des Lauriers


I was wondering when I'd see you next by chance upon the street
Outside the times we planned by phone for rendezvous to meet
The first time was the night after — the third time we split for good
Next you were happy to see me was there something you misunderstood

We were so close to being close
Just a faint image of myself
Looking in the window from the outside
Sometimes the world seems small
When it closes in on you and you've got no place to hide

I remember the times I'd wait with you for the school bus so long ago
And how your pony once got loose and we caught it with a handful of snow
You loved me for that crazy spirit — rebelling from our hometown
Something wilder than the geese flying in the fall but even they're shot down

We were so close to being close
Just a faint image of myself
Looking in the window from the outside
Sometimes the world seems small
When it closes in on you and you've got no place to hide

Then I saw you in a subway car sitting right across the aisle
We were just strangers ignoring each other as we whiled away the while
I'm wondering why I wrote this — perhaps it sounds absurd
But I just met someone who meant so much to me and didn't even say a word

We were so close to being close
Just a faint image of myself on the floor
When the windows been shattered
And all you can say as I pick up the pieces
Is that it never really mattered

© 1975 Stefan des Lauriers


I dreamed I was a mime artist
Lost in a maze of heart
Never knowing which way to go
To the finish or the start
Trapped in a see-thru maze
My hands defined the space
But there’s so much of it
Between love and death’s embrace

I used to think that love
Was just a laugh in the dark
‘Till I got stuck in a maze of mirrorsGHGGGGHGHGGH ,.
In Life’s Amusement Park

There was once a friend of mine
Lost in a maze of mind
No matter which way he went
He couldn’t leave himself behind
His head in a tower of ivory
The rest sunk far below
He’s a walking roller coaster
From his head down to his toes

I used to think that love…

We may be all reflections
Of life’s distorted thrills
Lost inside a Looking Glass
In an endless maze of wills
If you get dizzy as a pinwheel
From all the ups and downs
Wait ‘till you see your true love
Smiling through a painted frown

© 1996 Stefan des Lauriers

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