Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hearts in Harmony / Heart of Snow / Heaven in Your Heart / When Love Is

How many hearts are slow on their feet?
Waiting for love to pick up the beat 
Since the first heart was stolen away
We've been yearning for love's harmony

Let's get together in a song
When our hearts are in harmony
There's no note you can sing wrong
When our hearts are in harmony

The singer's heart lives on in a song
And with the same breath you carry it on
Is love meant to last for an eternity
His song will be there a long time after he's gone

True Love can lift all souls 
From the dungeons to the towers
When other person's beating hearts
Are put in place of ours

A trumpet shell that washed ashore
Heralds our love with a whispered roar
The whole creation wrapped up in a song
It's a heart beat away if we can sing along

or /second bridge
  Let's all get together
There's no need to rehearse 
For love is the song
Of the whole universe


Did he sit you down
Did he sing his songs
And try to hold you all night long
Did he close his eyes
And hide from you
Or meet every gaze
And look right through

This is a song for a singer
A Song that all can sing along

How many songs 
Have no music to them
 Waiting for someone
To set them free
To say you’ve been hurt 
How close must you be
You can sit on my bed
And listen to me

This is a song for a singer...

A song about somebody beautiful
 Who sings about beautiful songs
Then he’s captured the audience
Like he’s captured the words that he sings

Did he sing a song
Before it was done
Did you think
You’d remember it then
 The song will be there 
Long after he’s gone
And maybe some day
It’ll come back to him

This is a song for a singer
It’s not a song about
A sewing machine

January 20 1975


On a lake at the edge of wood a young girl figure skates
Her eyes sparkle in a flood of endless figure eights
She stops to make an angel's wing in freshly fallen snow
Will the dream live on past spring her ambition overflows

Footprints fade into dotted lines 
On a page that overflows
Yet the passage has nowhere to go
 When love is written in a heart of snow

A young boy watches in the wings with cheeks a winter rose
Beyond the curtain of willow strings love ventures to suppose
He draws a heart upon the snow and puts her name inside
Skates once more into her eyes but she just lets him slide

Above the falls the boys have thrills when skating on the lake 
They rush to where the water spills and then slam on the brakes
There was a boy a friend of mine skated as fast as he could
He tried to stop before the line it didn't do him any good

© 1997 Stefan des Lauriers


Once my window was all covered with frost
Through barren trees a cold wind blew
So I put my footsteps on a page of snow
And drew a heart with an arrow through
Now I wonder where does young love go
When Love is written in a heat of snow

The wind erased those lines of love
And turned my heart into a stone
Can a thought that’s written down
Have a life all of its own?

Now the forest is too faint to see
Outside this window all covered in dew
So I’ll inscribe one line of love
For the world to look into
But can the world be seen through rain
When love’s a word upon a windowpane

The wind erased those lines of love
And turned my heart into a stone
Can a thought that’s written down
Have a life all of its own?

© 2008 Stefan des Lauriers


From the Zenith's lofty heights
The letter "L" is capitalized
It turns a corner as it hits the bottom
And points to yonder skies

Love is —
EverythingYou can't explain
When written
On a misty windowpane 

The "o" is all or nothing
At the end of two - beginning of one
Symbol of a golden ring
Like a halo around the sun 

Love is —Everything...  

To grace the sky in glory
Cranes fly in chevron flight
I raise my arms in victory
With this "v" I write

 Love is —Everything... 

Lastly - (in lower case)The "e" is like a galaxy
From the center a spiral is drawn
An embryo embracing eternity

 © 1997 Stefan des Lauriers


If all the world were a desert
All covered with barren lands
And one drop of water fell on you
And a few grains of sand
Wouldn't it be
Heaven in your heart?

If your heart were a seed
Lying dormant within you
How would you feel being blessed
With a love that’s true
Wouldn't it be
Heaven in your heart?

When does life really begin
Heaven only knows
When it begins it begins
And grows and grows and grows

If you were in a desert 
That blossomed over night
Wouldn't you be filled with joy 
At such a beautiful sight
Wouldn't it be Heaven in your heart? 

© 2015 Stefan des Lauriers

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