Monday, November 17, 2008

Castles in Quicksand

Come gather young architects wherever you Rome
If you're planning to build a home in a day
Before you start digging please heed this call
And listen to the insightful tidbits I say

For sometimes even Rocket Scientists don't understand
It ain't cool to build Castles in Quicksand

Some people build mansions on top of molehills
Some have digs in doghouses down in the dumps
Some inhabit volcanic Villas some Coup de Villes
Some are content with a tent and sit on a stump

Some inhabit structures built over a sinkhole
Some raise their card house right on a fault line
Some look out from a palace on a sheer precipice
But very few build tree houses above the tree line

Some regret building their love nest in Love Canal
Some regret building a fortress on a flood plain
Some regret building an ice palace on an iceberg
When their dungeon melted and went down the drain

So if you build a glass house on a pile of stones
Remember to treat people a little sweeter
And don't put your wigwam on top of an anthill
Unless you happen to have a nice pet ant eater

1996 © Stefan des Lauriers

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