Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sign of Hope

Tic tack toe what do you know

Heavenly Bodies lined in a row
Call up the king put on a show
Wizard better be on his toes
You don't need a telescope
To locate this sign of hope

Thick or thin deal me in
When does life really begin
One two three catch my breath
Heaven knows life and death
From the babies first aroma
Straight on through to your Diplomas

Take a bow you made the grade
Your golden plow is on parade
Scissor cut paper what do you know
All I learned is out the window
Goldfish in a muddy stream
You have to live to live the dream

X Y Z pass the peas
Lousy hunters shoot the breeze
Seed you planted is a tree
Tree's a ship and seven seas
Trim the sails break the glass
Here's a toast to the top brass

Sticks and stones what do you own
A world beyond my skin and bone
Paper wrap stone the jig is up
We learn to drink from broken cups
Is that a diamond in the sky
Or just a spyglass floating by

Pi R Squared money walks
Friendships sink it's time to talk
Hand in hand around the clock
Sometimes Scissors smashed by rock
Two white cranes standing tall
Hope your card house never falls

Do Ra Me Rook takes Queen
Wheel is spinning and you're still green
Tin Pan Alley will call soon
Look in the sky for a lost balloon
The winner's in the envelope
Your words are now going up in quotes

Twist and Shout the color blue
Beneath the sun is nothing new
Answer's no — answer's yes
Get over the sun and be my guest
Blow the candles pull the blind
You travel light within your mind

Three two one I must blast off
Wind in sails is what I cough
Now the moon blocks out the sun
I'll bring the sticks you bring the drum
Blast the trumpet take a look
My name is listed in the book

© 1996 Stefan des Lauriers

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